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It’s 2020, a new year, and a new decade! it’s time for me to dust off those goals I put on the back burner and get to it. This year, my goal is to be a published author. I thought  would debut my Hercules romance novel, ‘Full Circle’. However, I realized I was not in the right place mentality to tackle such a complicated book.

Instead, in November, right smack dab in the middle of NaNoWriMo I came up with an idea to try a new angle on Romeo and Juliet. I watched many adaptions, took them apart, and when I put them back together, I had some much more racially diverse and just as importantly more QUEER.

Beyond the Shakespearean inspiration, I was inspired by the new black adaption on PBS ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, Israeli-Finnish Model Orlando Hobechi, and the first black solo dancer for The American Ballet Theatre, Misty Copeland. I threw them all into my imaginary blender and what came out is a romance between a black male bisexual ballet dancer and a Jewish gay silver haired man of color.

Orlando Hobechi Inspiration for my main character Lukas Haddad

Orlando Hobechi Inspiration for my main character Lukas Haddad

And of course, all of you of my twitter feeds are once again dirty enablers enthusiastically encouraged me to write it and a few days later I had the premise of ‘The Bipartisan Affair’ fully worked out.

December I did my own version of NaNoWriMo and write 25, 000 words. Unfortunately, I got 11, 000 words into the rough draft when I realized that my characters have gotten minds of their own and has trampled all over my hard work. I was right then, to put the breaks on everything and go back to the drawing board.

I spent a week using what I learned in the Rough Draft to write up character bios of all of my characters in my OneNote notebook. I am a character writer and reader. The deal breaker for me are flat, cardboard cut outs characters. So what this means for me as a writer is that I work 3 times harder on making good characters.

a biracial black male model smiling and pointing to himself. Inspiration for my black ballet dancer main character Tristan Kelly. The Bipartisan Affair: A Political M/M Romance.

Inspiration for my black ballet dancer main character Tristan Kelly. The Bipartisan Affair: A Political M/M Romance.

It took me a week to make a full wikipedia style profile for all of my characters and it a long time. Then the Friday after Christmas, New Year’s week, I got strep throat and 2 weeks later I’m still recovering from it.

Right now, I’m finishing re-writing my outline and I plan to spend 30 days writing the first draft of the book.

Now that I have given an update, I’ll reward you with the blurb of my upcoming M/M (MIM) Romeo and Juliet Romance Novel, ‘The Bipartisan Affair’.

'The Bipartisan Affair' by Georgina Kiersten. An age difference political M/M Romance book.

The Blurb

Growing up, Tristan Kelly has always been a political pawn in his father Mayor Cameron Kelly’s political career. There was certainly no room in the family for a bisexual son who secretly loved to dance. Determined to follow his dreams of being a ballet dancer, Tristan fled his hometown of Evanston, Texas.

After eight years of hard work, Tristan is finally on the cusp of getting a full-time position with the prestigious American Ballet Theatre in New York when tragedy hits:  His brother Dominick and his wife are killed in a drunk driving accident. To make things even worse, Dominick and Samantha’s eight-year-old non-binary child, Jordan is being raised by his religious conservative parents.

With no other choice, Tristan puts his entire career on hold to return home to shield Jordan from his parents, but he is forced to play happy family for the press as his father runs for re-election against by Lukas Haddad, a gay Jewish immigrant that has plans to bring the small town into the 21st century.

To his surprise, Tristan finds himself instantly drawn to his father’s rival who is twenty years his junior. Lukas is a silver fox who may be ambitious, but he is also smart, funny, and for the first time Tristan finds someone that he can finally be his self with. Can Tristan trust Lukas not to use him as political leverage? Is getting into an affair with his father’s political rival worth the risk of losing what’s left of his family?

What do you think?

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