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There is something that grips the imagination when it comes to Vampires. The thought of an ancient creature rising from its grave to creep to your bedside to drains you of your blood has been humanity’s boogeyman for millennia. The vampire myth dates back to ancient Mesopotamia, and the myths of ancient Greece. Yet,  when most people think about vampires today they unfortunately only think of the version Irish author Bram Stoker created in his book ‘Dracula’.

It’s been one hundred and twenty-two years since Stoker published ‘Dracula’ and vampires has never completely slipped from pop culture. Even now with the popularity of Anne Rice’s “The Vampire Chronicles.” and most recently with  ‘The Twilight Saga’ by Stephenie Meyer (and don’t get me started on the many sins of Twilight or I will be here all night). vampires have remained one of my favourite creatures from folklore.

a sexy black man with long dreadlocks holding a rope.

Izil Asar Vampire King of the Asar Coven. Credit to Paul via Adobe Stock.

The problem for me is that black vampires in the media are very rare. We have Blade, Blacula, and Maximillian (Vampire in Brooklyn). I know I am not the only one who is thirsty (pun very much intended) for black vampires

However, I will admit that I was not all that altruistic in my need for a black vampire. To be honest, I find a black powerful vampire just so fucking hot! Then one day,  the anime ‘Vampire Knight’ popped into my mind and although I hate the main character Yuki Cross so much. Honestly, I was much more interested in the agnostic relationship between vampire hunter Zero Kiryu and vampire royalty Kaname Kuran.

When I was originally watching Vampire Knight, I was desperate for some hot smutty hate sex between Zero and Kaname. I only found a few fics, and I was so disappointed. However, the anime has always been in the back of my mind.

Then this year, I started to write original fiction, and I thought to myself: “I should write a short story for Halloween”. As it always with me, I wrote a prompt on twitter (the link has spoilers for the story) and with some enabling from Author M.A. Hinkle, I found myself with a bare-bones outline of my short story Crave.

Baltasar Kristofersson Icelandic Vampire Hunter with a need for revenge

Baltasar Kristofersson Icelandic Vampire Hunter with a need for revenge Credit for Augustino via Adobe Stock.


Baltasar Kristofersson is the only descendant left of the once-powerful and respected ‘Einarr’ hunting clan.   It was only a chance of fate that allowed  Baltasar to survive when the Asar Vampire Coven brutally murdered his entire family. Now, Baltasar has been hunting his family’s killers one by one and he finally has a chance to kill the monster responsible for all of his grief: Izîl Asar, the King of the Asar Coven.


Unfortunately, to get his revenge,  it forces Baltasar to use both his charms and his body to lure Izîl into a trap.  From the moment Izîl touches Baltasar’s body, the hunter seems to come alive and the line between hunter and prey becomes blurred.  Baltasar only has one night to kill Izîl or possibly face his death at the hands of the seductive vampire. Yet, can  Baltasar complete his mission in the face of such exquisite pleasure and pain?


Crave A Dark Gay Vampire Erotica that is filled with unethical BDSM practices that shouldn’t be tried at home, domination, reluctant submission, seduction, mental manipulation, dubious consent, and no happily ever after.

Of course, I got political about this one! it’s somewhat subtle and does not take away from the overall hotness of the plot. I promise you though, it will not be for the faint of heart. It will be full of triggers: dub-con and slavery, no happily ever after, and VERY UNETHICAL BDSM!

This story was such a challenge. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and to my utter surprise I enjoyed it way too much!

Finally, what I will promise you is that it’s mostly 7k of smut so hot I had a girl boner for the entire week I was writing this. I have plans to publish this for free on Kindle Unlimited, Inkitt, and Quotev. So stay tuned for my cover reveal and other snippets coming your way.

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