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Hey, guys I know it’s been about a week since this site has been up. You are probably wondering where exactly did it go and why? Well, I will tell you about that. It started with the messed emails from my hosting. I pay for my hosting on a month by month service because I always fear commitment. So, if I don’t pay by the third notification, my shit gets cut off.

I woke up to that surprise last week, and I was not a happy camper about it. Actually, I panicked. Blogging along with social media is one of the few places on earth that I get to be% 100 myself. I’m not out as non-binary to my family, not because I don’t they wouldn’t love me. They wouldn’t understand that gender is not binary at all and that it exists on a spectrum. These are people who don’t know how to program an android phone and makes me instead do it.

What I’m getting at is that my parents are old and stuck in their ways.

Online, I can be as true as I want. I can be Gigi Kiersten at the drop of the hot and not have to pay $200 for the name change.

Basically, my blog is one of the few places that I own completely. Where, I get to decide what it looks like, what I can post there, etc. It hurt me like a physical blow that my blogs were gone. I instantly panicked and went into motion to raise funds for my blog. Lucky for me, my friends came to my rescue when I needed it and even though it took longer (due to Facebook’s red tape) I could get this blog and my other blogs up and running.

I can not thank them enough and I will never take paying my hosting bills for granted ever again.

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What’s In A Name?

With my explanation for my site, I got more news! First, I am changing my pen name. The name that is closer to me than my legal name is Gigi Kiersten. I changed it when I couldn’t use my real name as a branding tool because my name is too generic. And let’s be honest, I was never a huge fan of my legal name. I always thought it was boring as hell and my mom picked my legal name because she didn’t want to name me an African American name which was a trend.

Ironically, I would have loved that in hindsight.

Anyway, I prefer to be called Gigi by everyone. Hell, my own partner calls me Gigi. I love the name I picked out and honestly my legal name would become my dead name if my family would respect it. My mother is old school and believes that since they picked out my name (and gave birth to me) that my legal name is the one she will call me until the day I die.

I choose a pen name to separate my graphic design business under my Gigi Kiersten name and my writing. I decided at first to just abbreviate it to G.G. Kiersten. However, the name didn’t settle with me even months later.

The name Georgina kept rolling in my brain and it tempted me to change my name. So, I asked my peeps on twitter and they came through. They told me to go for it and so as of today my official pseudonym for all of my work is Georgina Kiersten. You can still call Gigi because Gigi is a common nickname for the name Georgia or Georgina.

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New stories on the way!

Halloween is coming up, and it’s my favourite time of year. October is my birthday month (I will turn 35 this year) and in horror of both the season and my birthday I will release a four-chapter long short story called ‘Crave’. It’s a very dark erotic story about a Vampire King named Izîl Asar and a sexy hunter is on a hunt for revenge.

I originally posted my original idea for it on twitter, but I also announced it on Facebook and Instagram. it is my first erotic story and even writing it is hot like burning and I’m sure you will enjoy it. Stay tuned and as always if you want to keep up with my work, please subscribe to my blog.

I’m posting daily word counts for it and you can keep track of that on my social media or by just checking out my current WIP section on my sidebar. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy all the new changes and all the awesome content coming your way.

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