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What is in a name? Turns out there is a lot!  When I originally gave my upcoming Greek mythology urban paranormal book a title, I simply gave the working title of ‘Legendary.”  A nod to the origins of the book and to the show “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys’. However, I couldn’t shake the feeling that if I didn’t change it Kevin Sorbo and company will sue me for copyright infringement.

I thought long and hard about what the title of my book would be. What my story’s themes? What did my book have to say? Thinking up a title is super hard,  second only to writing a summary or a book blurb (which I did both). The Cover, Title, and Blurb are the three major factors readers consider when they are deciding to buy a book and I wanted the title to my debut M/M romance novel to be perfect.

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The Blurb


Ex-Army Ranger Dion Kincade life is derailed when he is suddenly discharged from the Army after being injured in Afghanistan. Feeling depressed and lost, he tries to adjust to civilian life using booze, women, and getting into way too many fights to cope. Everything changes, when Dion discovers that he is the modern reincarnation of the legendary hero ‘Hercules’ when he unexpected gains enhanced strength, speed, and agility.  With his new powers and abilities, Dion is given the task of finding out who is killing off the Gods one by one and stop them.  If he doesn’t, the world will enter a new age of chaos and destruction. Unfortunately, Dion can’t do it alone. He needs help to navigate this complicated new world of Gods and Monsters.



Tomas Ortiz always had a fascination with Greek Mythology. It was one of the many reasons he moved to Houston to pursue his PhD in Classical Studies. Tomas never expected that his hot asshole of a neighbour Dion would be the actual Hercules or that the Gods he spent his entire life learning about would be real. Yet, when Tomas discovers that he was once Dion’s lover and sidekick Iolaus, Tomas can’t stop himself from trying to help him. Along the way, Tomas must help Dion navigate the treacherous world of Gods, but as his memories of his life with Hercules reemerges, Tomas can’t help but fall for Dion. Yet, with Dion being deeply closeted, can he Tomas trust him enough to give his heart away for a second time?

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Choosing a Title for My Book

The process was long and drawn out. I can’t begin to tell you how many prospective titles I threw out!  Then one day, I was trolling through the Amazon book listings and I spotted Danielle Steel’s ‘Full Circle’. I had read the book YEARS AGO and Steel’s book was far from the premise of the book I am writing.  Yet the name was stuck in my brain! From then on, ‘Legendary’ became ‘Full Circle’.  My book is about cycles: the cycles of reincarnation, the cycle of self-hate that we perpetrate on both ourselves and others, and finally about the cycle of falling in love.

Although it took some time to get used to it, the title is such a better fit for the story I’m trying to write.

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Book News & Updates

Now, that I got the biggest news out of the way I want to talk about what’s else is happening right now. I have gotten past the initial outline process. As I write the first draft things have changed. I can not keep my muse or characters from doing what they want to in this book.ok. Therefore, I decided to just let it go and go with the flow so I can stop trying to tear what’s left of my hair out!

Now, I’m about half a quarter into my initial word count of 10,000 words and the first act of this book.  I find with some relief that I’m finally finding my stride.

Sidebar: You guys know that I keep you up to date with my progress on both my Instagram and Twitter? Why don’t you follow me for live updates?

Anyway, I’m at the point that I’m getting a solid feel of the characters. Especially, Dion who is someone right now that I really want to punch in the throat. He’s awful, I will let you know right now that he will not be at all likeable. Dion has a lot of internalized homophobia and toxic masculinity to work through.   Fortunately, Dion WILL change through the course of this book as he learns how to be a happier and more fulfilled person.

Also, I’m working on the cover right now. A cover for me is my touchstone during the writing process, it’s the visual embodiment of my story and when I feel a little lost or discouraged just looking at the cover will get back on the right track.

I am also doing the ‘500 Words A Day’ challenge and I’ve changed it to 5 days a week instead of a full week. My weekends are sacred; so I try to free up those days to just relax and recharge.

What do you think of my writing process so far? You got any tips and tricks to help you stay focused? Let me know down in the comments!

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