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11380 / 1000 (1138.00%)

Ooh boy, I ‘m back. Sorry, I didn’t post yesterday. In all of my excitement of ACTUALLY MEETING MY 10K GOAL, I forgot to you know post. From this point forward, I’m upping my goal to 25k and but I’m pretty much sure I’m going to go over that.

As for the story, it’s actually hitting all of the markers of a rough draft: which means it is complete and utter shite. However, I am looking forward to rewriting before I send it to my beta Batty.

I’m actually going to take next week off from writing ‘Nothing to Fear’ so I can let the draft breathe. I also plan to finish up my nice surprises I have for Pride Month and I will be tackling the rest of my interludes that take place between book 1 and 2.

What I’m not looking forward to is the revising of my outline. I actually went %25 off my original plot because as I like to say “Nothing means anything until I put my fingers to the keys” and while this used to be a never-ending point of frustration.

I have learned to embrace it.

Also got to sit down and finish reading “Playing Hero.” I downloaded it on to my kindle and I got through the first chapter but things keep getting in the way of that. It fucking sucks

Also, I’m trying to not be hard on myself about my fic because I’m my own worst critic but I wince at every typo. I have started to leave beta notes in the freaking file itself so I can go back and correct it.

Anyway. I’m done for now. I’m off to eat dinner. Until tomorrow peeps!

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