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Woo boy, I am BACK! Sorry, I had to take some time off but yeah last week was not a great week for me. I had jury duty and then that wiped me out for a day and a half (agoraphobia is a motherfucking bitch). Now, I’m hyped up on sugar, I feel better than ever.

Now, this chapter is the first real plot point of the fic. I’m totally excited to get there and it totally didn’t turn out the way that I planned. Yet, it’s here and I’m so ready.

I also feel I need re-read Playing Hero and finish my reverse outline because I’m so foggy on the details of that fic. I have been meaning to do that for a while but ugh my real life got in the way.


Yep, it’s pride and I got a few things in store for you guys that I’m sure you going to love. I’m going to stay quiet on the details but keep your eyes peeled to this blog because it’s coming.

Also, this is my first pride since I came out as non-binary and this year feels so extra special to me. It’s also the first pride I will be with my partner. I’m not going to the parade (way too hot for that nonsense) but I will be celebrating at home in my own way.

I hope that everyone stays safe out there and have tons of fun. Also if you can afford to party this pride, please consider donating to an LGBTQIA person in need. I did and I regret nothing!

Anyway, I’m done for the day. Now, I’m off to do my chores and try not to melt with the heat. I will talk to you guys next time!

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