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I had to get up super early today (7 am) to take care of the kids while my Dad headed off to surgery. So I got a lot done before 10 am. One of those things was writing.

This is actually the eighth consecutive days that I have written over 750 words. I usually go over that min a few hundred words or so because by then I’m getting into a groove.

I really love that I’m seeing some headway with the writing of the rough draft, although my inner editor in me is wincing at everything. This is the first draft and first drafts are shitty folks! I keep having to tell myself that.

I also realized during the course of writing that I’m going to have to write the one-shot about Aster getting a new wand. I’m going to be setting up Easter eggs that are going to be coming back. I’m not telling because I don’t want to spoil any of you guys.

Right now, I’m halfway through Chapter 3 and I just hit my first plot point for the story so far. I’m also very close to hitting my initial word count goal.

I wanted to speak briefly about how I write. I don’t set up a huge word count goal when I’m writing. My word count grows as my story does and not putting up a 100k goal makes it so I won’t get overwhelmed.

Tackling a large word count goal or a really big novel feels like you are trying to tackle Mount Everest. However, the secret is to always break that down into smaller bits and work on methodically on those bits to you get to the end.

Again, I think this story is going to be closer to 50k at the end. Because the scope of ‘Nothing to Fear’ is much larger than say ‘Playing Hero’. I’m also dealing with two POVs instead of Aster’s one.

However, for me, the real game changer is the 750 words a day challenge because I am mostly zooming through my word count goal and I’m about to hit my first goal in a week or two.

One of these days, I’m going to really get into how my writing process works from idea to final product. But today is not that this day!

I’m off you guys, and I hope you have a wonderful day. I will be back tomorrow with more writing!

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