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Wow, this took forever to write today. The draft is still shit but I’m officially at chapter 2. I’m officially on to Chapter 3. Hopefully, in a few weeks, I will be ready to go back and start to rewrite and then proofreading sessions.

I just feel like I’m that much closer to getting ready for publishing ‘Nothing to Fear’.

Today, it took a little longer because I got addicted to Discord. It’s just so shiny and fast paced and I can’t help myself. I also got distracted because my father is having surgery tomorrow so I have a lot to do tomorrow to help my family through this tough time.

I am also really behind with work and next week I have jury duty. So lots of shit going down this week.

As for the writing, I’m having a hard time really integrating Aster’s own story arch into the story seamlessly. I still have a lot of work on that in the rewrite.

Anyway, I’m done for now! I’m off to actually waste my time on discord. LOL!

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