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Woo boy! It’s Monday and I’m off to a great start this week. This is my second week on my 750 words x 5 days a week writing a schedule. I got one more scene before I’m done with chapter 2 of Nothing to Fear.

I’m really excited to see where it’s going and it’s already deviated from my outline. I’m going to reverse outline once I hit that the end of ACT 1. And yes, I do break down my stories in the typical 3 act story structure. I like to break my writing down into small component parts and then gradually over time fill them out chronologically. It really does work well for me and it Keeps me from getting too much in my head or into the plot.

You would think this writing method would lead to formalistic and predictable (boring) writing but nope. My muse is a temperamental thing and keeps changes things as I type. Playing Hero turned out nothing like I thought it would.

I’m expecting that Nothing to Fear the same. Now, this is spoiler material but I am finding I’m getting the most joy out of the banter and the push and pull between Aster and Bruce.

I had so much with this in this session that I actually ended up going over my writing goal by 300 words. I’m having a blast writing this series and my enthusiasm (and the enthusiasm of my beta) hasn’t lessened a bit.

Right now, I’m also in the mists of writing ‘Birthday Girl’ and it’s not as popular as ‘Playing Hero’ but in the end, I’m writing this for me.

One last thing, I think I’m going to go back reading out loud my fics because I found some typos in my what supposed to be my finished chapters. It’s so aggravating for me but that is all part of being a dyslectic writer.

I also plan on finishing up my reverse outline of Playing Hero, updating (and proofreading) the character bios and other stuff I left hanging on the wayside.

So these couple of weeks are going to be busy, busy, busy, for Amalgamation.

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