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4220 / 10000 (42.20%)

This post is going to be super quick tonight guys cause I got other plans for once. I actually wrote my 750 words for the day super late around 6 pm again because I forgot. However, I got done and I actually was able to meet my goal all week long.

Now, I’m taking the weekend off, and I will get back to it on Monday. As for the actual rough draft is still shit. It’s going to be shit until I actually rewrite it, but I am actually breezing through my initial word count goal.

I really don’t want to stop and start proofreading and writing until I’m done with the first act which hopefully will be around Chapter 5.

Hopefully, I can have Nothing to Fear up by July at the latest.

I’m still having trouble with the character voices but I going to sit down and really work on them soon. Now, I got to go. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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