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Well, This is officially my 3-day streak! I’m now about halfway through Chapter 1 and it’s really coming together. Honestly, it still needs a lot of work but that is what the first drafts are for! I’m really excited to see all of these characters that I took a break from coming back together again. It really makes me happy to see them again and it feels like I’m reuniting with old friends.

I also have started keeping tracking of my streak via a habit tracker on my tablet. I’m all about using as much as possible to keep me motivated. I used to be ashamed of the tools I need to keep motivated. However, what I learned all these years of failure when it comes to writing is that you have to use what works for you and run with that.

Reading my own rough draft though was tough.  It is very hard to keep going when you know that what you are writing is complete and utter garbage. But I think a lot of a beginning writers make the mistake is that you excepting Shakespeare levels of greatness right off the bat  I have to keep reminding myself as wrote this garbage first draft that it only gets better from this draft on.

I also can’t wait until the readers get to see everything I worked so hard to plan.

One thing, I wanted to talk about is how my muse is already going off the rails.  My motto of ‘It means nothing until I put my fingers to the keys” remain true.   I had all of the scenes planned out to the minute and the moment I started writing it went out of the window.  Yet, outlining was an important step to get me here and I know having to revise the outline is going to be a pain the fucking ass.

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