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Whoa, I’m writing again! I know it’s a shocker, but a lot of things ate my free time and my life. One of them was Marvel Mania of April with the premiere of ‘Avengers: End Game’ Then< I just lost my mojo for Amalgamation for a while. However, I’m back with ‘Nothing to Fear’.  This week, I’m writing the rough draft of the much-awaited sequel.

I’m going to wait to start posting until I have the rough draft of Act One done. So, hopefully, I can have it all ready to by mid-June or early July. I also plan on posting my interludes including “Birthday Girl’ which tackles Aster’s issues with the folks back in England. I got the first chapter of that written and beta’d by Ballycaste_Bat who is doing the Lord’s work.

I had planned on actually waiting until July 31st to post it but I most likely will be posting it sooner than that. I really excited to see what my readers think of it. I have also decided to try my damnest to get back on my writing schedule. I’m going 750 words, five days a week.  Just like back in ‘Playing Hero’ my beginning word count goal is 10,000 words. The goal is certainly going to grow bigger as this story evolves.

I have a feeling by the time I’ done it will be around 50k or more. Right now, I got a draft playlist for ‘Nothing to Fear’ up on Spotify. You are going to find some familiar songs from the overall draft playlist for Amalgamation.  You can also find the soundtrack for ‘Birthday Girl’ as well.

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