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It’s Easter, the day when Christians believe that Jesus was resurrected after he sacrificed himself for our sins. For me, a secular lapsed pagan, this day is just a day to celebrate Spring and if you are lucky the good warmer weather with going an Easter egg hunt, and if you are from my neck of the woods a BBQ. While I’m still writing this I’m still waiting for the BBQ.

Today, like most holidays it’s a mix of quite and frantic as any event with five kids can be. I admit now, that I got out of most of the work. And the burden of hiding the eggs, preparing the BBQ, and making the basics laid to my mother. My job was, of course, to take the photos and get dressed in the pink romper that I bought from Rainbow last year but never quite wore until now.

The air was cool, the street was packed with cars, and with distant people laughing and having a good time at their own BBQs. My kids played Cascarones (Mexican confetti eggs). When I finally dragged myself outside the front yard was a mess of confetti and my oldest Nikki cackling as she cracked the eggs on people’s heads. She tried to do it to me, but after taking an hour to get all dolled up I was not getting confetti in my hair. She rolled her eyes at me and went on to terrorize my second oldest Faye.

Jai was of course, way too interested in his tablet and/or all the goodies from his basket. My mom who has been in charge of the basket since forever is about not giving them not too much candy because no wants a hyperactive kid hyped on candy.

Towards sunset, we (because got up super late) did an Easter Egg hunt. We had two hunts one for the little kids and one for the big kids. Nikki was the egg hider for the little kids and the two younger one’s Nay Nay and Niyah was off looking for eggs immediately while Jai came out with no basket and was just wandering around until my mother made him go inside and get his basket. With the older kid’s hunt, my mother hides them in all types of places I wouldn’t think to hide and Nikki was immediately off like a shot picking up all of the eggs while Faye just wandered around sulking that her sister got the majority of the eggs.

All in all, it was a pretty good holiday, but I’m glad that it’s almost over.

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