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A redacted copy of the Mueller investigation report has been released by the Justice Department. NPR reporters and editors are analyzing and annotating notable excerpts from the document.

Source: Mueller Investigation Report: Read NPR’s Analysis And Annotated Highlights : NPR

I honestly thought that this day would never come. As part of the resistance against Trump and his regime of Depoborales the last two years I honestly doubted this time that we as a country would get this point.

We still have a long way to go, there is no doubt about.

Trump and his cabinet are still in office getting with easily provable crimes, we still have a very complicit body of government and political party covering up everything they can, and our elections are still under attack from Russia.

Yet, we are here at this point in history.

The problem with this though is William Barr the Attorney General of the United States.

This morning, Barr gave a statement that was so full of lies and his head was so far up Trump’s ass I am honestly surprised that he didn’t disappear to Narnia or hell Fillory (yes, that was a Magicians reference).

Honestly, I just stood there today while in the midst of cleaning my household chores, mouth drops open, broom in my hand as I listened to his statement.

I have seen privilege, I have seen white privilege, I have seen Rich privilege, and I have seen politicians literally get away with murder.

Yet, this was a weird amalgamation that stunned even me.

Trump’s administration and the Department of Justice have no interest in truth or transparency no matter what Barr has said. It’s all about covering their asses and I’m going to be frank: The Democrats that we worked so damn hard to elect are literally twiddling their thumbs.

I don’t care if they will never convict Trump, but we the American people deserve to see that asshole impeached. His dirty laundry needs to be for everyone to see. Also, let’s get the Grand Jury testimony, please?

I have read the highlights here provided by NPR and honestly why Trump has literally released a trailer talking about how he has been cleared. The report makes it damn clear that he is in deep shit.

They might not be evidence of lawbreaking, but it’s very clear he got into office by a lot of unethical shit that would have in a right and just world buried his ass. Yet, again Teflon Don just keeps it rolling.

This also reminds me that half of this country actually elected a criminal and con-man and they don’t care because Trump is giving them everything they have wanted for 40 years. I have actually seen the religious right call them their ‘Messiah’. Trump, a less godly man I have ever seen.

In the end, let me be clear: This is why it’s so important to vote. I don’t give a shit if you are Black, White, Asian, or Indigenous. Get up and vote, because no matter how bad you think things already are. Trump has proven

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